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On the agenda board it says today we are going to check our 1.3 notes which are on the “Boston Tea Party” and work on our Boston Massacre Project if we have time. But first we have to vote for Student Council. We have to vote for 5 of the 7 candidates for our team. Now on to the notes the British would have made a lot of money off of my family with the tea tax because we love tea. I wonder after the Boston Tea Party if the Boston harbor looked and tasted like tea. By the way I’m writing this while in class so this is all in present text. Now we are working on our scripts I’m an anchor! Okay got to go.

Reported by Taressa
  • Mr. Langhorst's Note - It was hat day today as a fundraiser - students who donated a dollar for Red Ribbon Week activities were able to wear a hat in school. I wore my colonial trifold hat from Colonial Williamsburg.