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Today in class we organized the Boston Massacre project. This project includes making a video in the time of the Boston Massacre. We put our names into a box and got drawn out for our parts in the video. Unfortunately I was chosen close to last so I didn’t get the part I wanted but I still got a good part which is the reporter of the eyewitnesses. I wanted to be the news anchor but no luck. After we chose our parts we got started on our scripts. Our scripts are similar to each other especially the reporters. They had to be about forty-five seconds to a minute so it would fit perfect into the video with good timing. We are planning to reenact the scene next Thursday by getting into two lines and throwing rocks and snow balls, along with lots of yelling and fighting going on. We are all looking forward on reenacting the scene of March 5th 1770, The Boston Massacre.

Reported by Kelsey

  • Note from Mr. Langhorst - This post was cool because the student typed it, I took a quick digital picture of the class working on the project, did a copy and paste from a flash drive and it was posted before class ended. The students actually viewed it before they left class and thought it was great!