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Today I'm reporting because the students were so busy working there wasn't time to anyone to blog. The students were in the computer lab today filling out their information sheets for me. On the first day I gave them a sheet to fill out about contact information and then some questions to find out a little more about them - what are your favorite all time books, what movies do you like, any extra activities they will be doing this school year, if you could have any job in the world what would you do, etc. My favorite question asks them to name the three people they would ask to dinner if given the chance. I always read that question first because I find it so interesting. I also take their picture the first day and there is a place on the information sheet to add their digital photo. I am terrible with names and it takes me a long time to match faces with names so I study these sheets to learn names and find out more about my students as people. An extra benefit of doing this activity in the lab is showing students how to our different networks in the building - including the instructional drive where teachers can place items to be downloaded by students and the turn-in drive where students can paste documents but only the specific teacher can view and modify them. Students used any extra time to study for the states test tomorrow. It will be our first grade of the school year.

Reported by Mr. Langhorst