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AUGUST 18th - Crashing Landing on the Moon

The first thing we did today in class was work on a sheet in which we ranked items from a story of their importance. There’s a story in which you crash landed on the moon and need to rank the items in their importance. There are 15 items in which to rank. Such items include food, matches, etc. The items listed are what you only have. First, you put the items in order by their rank of how important they are. You then work with your team to match up how you rated their importance. After that, you listen to what their importance really is from number 15 by NASA. You write the importance of the items on your paper on the NASA’s Rank column. By the statements you received from your team and on your own, this tells you how you rank if you were by yourself, or with your team. If you score lower from adding them then you have a good conscience of picking items during this situation.

Pictured is the winning team from the Lost on the Moon simulation.

Reported by Chato