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Note - since we use a block schedule on some days there is
just one entry to Wednesday and Thursday since we are doing the same

Today in class we went over a number of things. To start, Mr. Langhorst passed out our Unit 1 packet. Unit 1 goes over The Road to revolution. The Unit covers Taxes and Acts, the Boston Massacre, the Boston Tea Party, the Declaration of Independence, and more. At the beginning of class we had to complete the first section of the Unit. (#1-15) Once everyone had completed the first section, we headed down to the computer lab. Once we arrived, the class went to a quiz website. We were told to complete a pretest over our new Unit at the website. Once students completed their pretest they were allowed to play the 50 states game on Mr. Langhorst’s website. If you’re reading this you should try it out before you leave the website. It can be very challenging!

Reported by Nick